Digitalization Platform for High Complexity, Low Volume Manufacturing

We transformed from a technology-crafting local manufacturer to an international, mass-customization technology leader - and so can you!

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Digital Leverage of Human Creativity

Digital systems allow to combine and duplicate information with almost zero marginal cost. Based on this principle we created our “Digital Leverage” IT system. Now our highly trained individuals use their creativity to work on the system instead of customer specific products. Benfits of our system include:

link_icon Process Workflows for Sales, Purchase, Production & Maintenance

link_icon Increased Quality - Cloud Connected Testing/ Production Equipment​

link_icon Ticketing System, Customizable, Real-Time, Dashboards & Tracing

link_icon Online Datasheet with Price and Real-Time Delivery Information

How to Get Started?

Fast Results

Ready to use platforms within a few months in parallel with legacy system

Full Digitalization of 1 Product Line

Digitalize your next product line from R&D to manufacturing and sales

Low Investment

Process-as-a-service pricing, pay after the new workflows are running

We Have Done This Before


Under the POSITAL brand we design and manufacture industrial rotary encoders. After transforming into a digital business system we are able to offer to our customers more than a million sensors, built-to-order in 24 hours!

Extreme Success in Many Dimensions

link_icon Productivity Improvements of 25%

link_icon Reduced Administration Costs by 65%

link_icon 95% Faster Onboarding & Servicing of Distributors

link_icon Reduced Labor Cost per Product by 80%

Want to Know More?

Instead of dealing with digital transformation consultants you will work with our highly trained practitioners.

Instead of having to decide based on somewhat generic use case presentations, you can look, feel and smell digital mass customization in our production plant!